Some of My Favourite Snack Recipes

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Recently a few people have asked for a few of my favourite snack recipes. So to make it simple, I have created a few videos to show you. Also, if you like smoothies, I have a few of my faves here.

Some of My Favourite Snack Recipes

1. My Açai Bowl

This is my simple açai bowl recipe… very economical as well and yes I truly did eat it for dinner 😂

I’ve learnt to listen to what my body feels like, how hungry it is and I definitely know it’s feel satisfied after eating this – yummo 😍

What’s your favourite açai bowl topping?

2. Choc Almond Balls

Over to You…

What are your favourite snack recipes? Feel free to share below. Or if you are interested in finding out more about eating well, please contact me here and let me know and you can also subscribe to our reminders here.

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