The Gift of BEing Authentically YOU!

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I came across this story a little while back from my previous training as a telephone counsellor. There was no author, however I like the meaning behind the story and serves as a good reminder about the gift of BEing authentically YOU!

The Gift of BEing Authentically YOU!

“Every moment of every day we have conscious choices. We can be happy or unhappy. We can dread getting older or aspire to wisdom through new experiences. We can believe we know or be open to new discovery. We can look for approval from others or give approval as never before – and so it is with love. 

Explore the freedom that comes from forgiveness. It is time to acknowledge our resentments and non-forgiveness and move through them.

Our limitations are reputations of past patterns, and every pattern of thought that is challenged can be the doorway to miracles.

Each of us has feelings and each of us has the right to perceive as we do. Become a good listener, not a judge, and thus experience a panoramic view of life through many eyes.

We all long to be heard, and most of us have cried out for this since childhood. To hear ourselves and be heard by others, we need to practise listening at every opportunity, rather than contradicting others.

Remember that the future only exists in our minds at this moment. If we fear it, our minds are full of fear. If we look forward to it, then our minds are full of hope. 

Behind everything there is a purpose. Chaos only exists in our minds if we allow it to. With the stilling of the mind will come peace, understanding, wonder and a new awareness of our inter-connectedness with all life.

Whatever our physical circumstances, we can know excitement, ecstasy and awe. We are so much more than our physical bodies alone.

Revel in every moment given to you. Time never runs out on us – we run out on time. Each moment contains such abundance and overwhelming quality.

The past is gone – let it go. The future is not born. The present is the greatest present you could ever be given. 

Try to waste as few moments as possible with regret, guilt or self-attack. You are loved more deeply than you realise.

Never forget that you are a human being. Your imagination can take you into worry whirls. You can lock away your creativity and suppress your feelings. You can have a totally false concept of the perfect person you should be, and despise yourself for falling short of the ideal. You are a human being who has become very complex. Relax and become more simple. 

Be patient with you. Be loving with you. You deserve it. As a child learns to walk, it stumbles and falls many times. As you move through the physical seasons of life, as you aspire to grow in wisdom rather than grow old, you will need to pick yourself up over and over again.

Take small, consistent steps. Enjoy your uniqueness and never imagine for one moment that life has been unkind to you.

Welcome every day. Laugh with yourself and chuckle deeply.

Know that every day in every way you are becoming wiser, wiser and wiser, and enjoy the journey over the hills and through the valleys of life. 

Whether you can see it or not, your being brings colour, opportunity and meaning to more people than you will ever know. Thank you for being you and please thank yourself – for me!”

~ Author Unknown (if you know who it is can you please let me know so I can give credit? Thanks heaps).

Over to You…

What did you think of this poem? Feel free to share any insights, questions or comments below!

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