The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit

The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit is a 9-week adventure to support adolescent athletes’ develop skills and tools to enhance resilience and performance, whilst navigating the flow of sport and life in an uncertain and changing world.

✨ You are ready to increase your self-confidence as an athlete?

✨ You want to learn to deal with challenges and disappointment more effectively as an athlete?

✨ You’re ready to develop a clear support structure who support your growth and development as an athlete?

✨You want to discover other skills to manage injuries and pressure within sport?

✨ You feel ready to start working with your emotions and regulating them for greater focus and calm?

✨ You are ready to develop a deeper understanding of your wholistic life.

Delve into your inside game and strengths, using mindfulness and self-reflection to start to unlock your full athletic potential. Embrace new experiences and challenges, laying the groundwork for personal growth and athletic excellence.

Ignite your focus and resilience, channelling your passion for sports into focused action and commitment. Find the courage to transform stress and challenges, take action towards your goals to reach your potential within sport and life.

Thrive as an athlete, living authentically and confidently in alignment with your values and aspirations, celebrating your victories, learning from setbacks, and inspiring teammates and peers with your dedication, attitude, resilience and excellence

On the Inside – 

Module 1 – Exploring Your Inner Arena

”Exploring Your Inner Arena,” introduces you to the importance of looking at like wholistically at your sport and life and supports you to play above the line in your sport and life. You will also be introduced to ways to pay attention in the present moment and bring awareness to your body so you can listen to it. This module includes 3 lessons. 

Module 2 – Igniting Inner Strength and Emotional Harmony

”Igniting Inner Strength and Emotional Harmony,” supports you to enhance your resilience through meeting challenges with greater awareness and self-management strategies. We will support you to discover your inner coach and ways to regulate your emotions / feelings within sport (and life). This module includes 3 lessons. 

Module 3 – Cultivating Connection, Purpose and Self-Trust

”Cultivating Connection, Purpose and Self-Trust,” supports you identify your inner circle of trust (yes we all need them). We also support you to live in alignment with your values and share ways to increase self-trust and confidence. This module includes 3 lessons. 

What Is Included?

Over the 9 weeks of The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit, you will have access to –

Each week over the 9 weeks, you will be invited to the weekly 60-minute (un)learning circle. If you cannot make a session, don’t worry you can access the recording.

All of the 9 modules, e-booklets, recordings and bonuses will be easily accessible within the (un)learning hub. Also – if you would like something added, simply ask.

(Un)Learning can be challenging, so each week Jane will share in the group the topic and parents and/or caregivers can ask questions.

BONUS – Tools and Templates

Within the (un)learning hub there are a range of tools and templates, including –

  • the Distraction Busting Audit and Log,
  • The Completion Log,
  • Simple Reflections e-Journal,
  • Important Dates Calendar,
  • Creating a Pre-Match Routine (for Sport) and
  • Creating a Morning Routine.

Opens for Registration 20/5/24 and the first online (un)learning circle is June 4, 2024 @ 6.30pm QLD Time (Australia).

This is the first time running The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit, so testimonials will be added afterwards. You can read more about the kind things people have said on our Testimonials page here.

“I really enjoyed the 28 day challenge and established a good evening routine of writing a gratitude journal and meditation supported by some beautiful frankincense incense which I found so calming and connects me to my spirituality.”
Nurse and Coach

“I really enjoyed the journey with you and loved the zoom calls and resource materials. One of the best things about the course is the fact that I can re-visit the pdf information.
I feel ready to tackle 2024!”

“The Life-Work Harmony Haven (now Lead from Within) online group sessions were informative and thought provoking, each session supported with additional resources and material that enabled ongoing personal growth. I went on a journey from disconnect from my values but a strong connection to overwhelm to a reconnection to my values and identification of what I needed to put in place to enable living my life with purpose.”

“Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane.”
Q – Can the toolkit be completed as individual sessions for my athlete?

A – Thanks for the question, yes we can and please contact us here so we can discuss your requirements.

Q – What currency is the Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit offered in?

A – The Adolescent Athletes’ Performance and Well-Being Toolkit is priced at $AUD. You can click here to convert in to your own currency.

Q – Love what you are doing, can I gift a spot to an athlete?

A – Thanks for the question, yes we can and please contact us here so we can discuss this.

Q – How much support is included?

A – We have a private group chat for parents and / or caregivers and you can also ask questions within the (un)learning hub.

Q – What age is “The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit” aimed at?

A – “The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit” is aimed at athlete’s from 13-18 years of age (i.e. adolescence). If parents’ are interested in being involved with an athlete outside of this age range, please contact us here.

Q – How much does the Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit cost? 

A – The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit costs $197AUD for 9 weeks at an introductory price. If you do not live in Australia, you can click here to convert in to your own currency.

Q – How long do I have access for? 

A – You have access to the “The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit” (Un)Learning Hub for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Q – What date and time does the first session start?

A – The first session starts on June 4, 2024 @ 6.30pm, if you cannot make it don’t worry there is a recording.

Q – Is there a payment plan?

A – Yes there is a payment plan. Please contact us here to ask for the link and whether you would prefer to pay weekly or monthly.

Q – Do you offer refunds?

A – No – all sales are final on digital products and programs. We do not offer refunds.

Q – More questions? 

A – Please contact us here

I created the “Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit” after years of learning or maybe it is better said unlearning using the tools and skills associated with mindfulness, enhancing resilience, performance and well-being. This is the toolkit I wish I had as a professional athlete.

Since retiring as a Professional athlete, completing a High Performance Coaching Course, going to university to become a health and physical education teacher (and yes still registered), working in a National Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative and then starting the adventure of mindfulness in 2008 and later self-compassion, I have had a number of athletes (past and present), parents and coaches ask me about the tools I use with clients and the ones I know that would have been beneficial growing up in elite and then professional sport. So I have decided to create “The Adolescent Athlete’s Performance and Well-Being Toolkit.” as a way to pay it forward.

When I am not helping clients, you can find me eating vegetarian food, walking on the beach, talking to friends and family and moving my body.