Lead from Within

What If We Could Support You to Step In to Your Leadership Potential with…

What are the Details?

The three module and 3 lessons / experiments are recorded, so the logistics for Lead from Within are as follows – 

  • Start – when you choose…
  • Investment – $57USD / mth

On the Inside –

Module 1 – Leadership Starts from Within

”Leadership Starts from Within,” introduces you to the importance of looking at like wholistically and supports you to identify your current state, guides self-reflection and goal setting, and provides techniques to create a starting point for your own life-work harmony and leading your own life. This module includes 3 lessons. 

Module 2 – Priorities and Productivity Power

“Priorities and Productivity Power” equips you with essential skills for setting and aligning your priorities, emphasising the importance of values and goals. It also introduces effective energy and self-management techniques, such as the Eisenhower Matrix, for enhanced productivity and focus. Module 2 also consists of 3 lessons.

Module 3 – Living the Lead from Within Revolution

“Living the Lead from Within Revolution” focuses on helping you implement your leadership strategies, offering guidance on translating plans into action, ideas to bring your leadership lifestyle into harmony and a living sustainably, and overcoming common challenges. It also encourages celebrating successes, setting new goals, and continuously refining and maintaining life-work harmony as you progress in your personal and professional leadership adventure. Module 3 also consists of 3 lessons.

Just Added :: Bonus – The Next 84 Days $297AUD

As an added BONUS – you will receive the Next 84 Days whilst you remain a member of Lead from Within. Click here to read more about The Next 84 Days.

You can change your membership anytime…


I have just finished the trial of Lead from Within. In the trial it was named the Life-Work Harmony Haven. After participant feedforward it was transformed to Lead from Within. Following are some testimonials from participants.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q – What currency is Lead from Within priced in?

A – Lead from Within is priced at $USD. You can click here to convert in to your own currency. Price is $57USD / approx $85AUD per month (and you can change your membership at anytime), however you only have access to the information whilst you are a member.

Q – Can I pay monthly?

A – Yes, you can. All payments are monthly and charged at $57USD / mth.

Q – Is The Next 84-Days included now?

A – Yes the Next 84-Days is included as a bonus, however only whilst you are a member. If you change your payment schedule or your payment is late, you will be removed from Lead from Within and also The Next 84-Days.

Q – Can I purchase Lead from Within for the year? 

A – Yes you can, please contact us and we will send you a link. The cost for the 12 months is $570USD (12mths for the price of 10mths).

Q – More questions? 

A – Please contact us here