Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit

The Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit is for you is you are ready to increase your connection with your own inner wisdom, whilst focusing on your own essential needs, priorities and vision for life and developing greater self-connection and self-trust through journalling.

  • Develop greater clarity in your own life?
  • Focus on your own essential needs, vision and priorities?
  • Develop greater self-trust and reconnect with your own inner wisdom?

Well, I’ve got some good news to share…

Welcome to the…

Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit

  • Gain clarity on start to reconnect with your own inner wisdom, so you can increase self-knowledge and self-trust,
  • Receive a range of journalling prompts (144 to be exact) to support your journaling process and take actionable steps towards alignment with your self,
  • Rediscover the importance of self-care and start to implement practices to nurture your well-being whilst pursuing your goals.

Content is delivered via the (un)learning hub through text and e-Templates..

This is the first time I am offering Slow Down and Tune. However, following are a few testimonials from previous participants who have purchased the journals I have written. You can also read more here.

The journalling toolkit is divided in to 4 sections (all content is can be accessed immediately if you choose) and they are outlined below…

The first section outlines the logistics for the Journalling Toolkit (i.e. FAQ’s, inclusions etc).

Section 2 gives you a clear overview of journalling, what it is, why invest time to journal, different ways to journal as well as how to develop the habit of journaling. Included within this module is an overview about living above the line.

The 3rd section includes a range of templates (e.g. morning and evening journalling templates, full moon and a 28-day reflection process) as well as 144 journaling prompts.

Module 4 includes some BONUS tools and resources, including four mindful journalling practices and an e-Workbook to create a simple 28-day goal (with tracking sheet).

Here is what is included in the Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit –

The content will be delivered via e-Workbooks, Templates and e-mail, however you can access all content straight away if you prefer.

The content will be located in the (un)learning hub, which you have access for 180 days.

Q – What currency is Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit priced in?

A – Power-Up Your Priorities is priced at $USD. You can click here to convert in to your own currency.

Q – How is Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit delivered?

A – The content is delivered via text, e-mails and / or templates.

Q – How long do I have access to the Slow Down and Tune In Journalling Toolkit for?

A – You have access to the material for 180 days, however you can download the prompts and e-Templates for your use.

Q – Why Invest Time to Journal?

A – Glad you asked. I wrote a post on it here.

Q – More questions? 

A – Please contact us here

I have journalled since I was young and still have the journal I used to write in to reflect on my tennis matches! One of the things I love about journalling is that it is a conversation between you and you. We cannot get it wrong…

I continue to show up and do the work. Over time, I have realised that I am worthy of focusing on my needs and priorities (it took a very long while though) and so are you as the world needs your gifts.

When I am not helping clients, you can find me eating vegetarian food, walking on the beach, talking to friends and family and moving my body.