Coach’s Checklist for Client On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

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In this free download you will receive a checklist to help you uncover the necessary steps in your own on-boarding and off-boarding process for coaching clients. This practical tool will help you be more organised, decrease stress, save money as well as increase professionalism

Within this free checklist, you have the opportunity to –

  • Discover what on-boarding and off-boarding is and why it is important in coaching,
  • 4 benefits for creating a client on-boarding and off-boarding system,
  • The 4-Stage Checklist for creating an effective on-boarding and off-boarding system, and
  • 5 tips to consider when creating your own customer care system.

Hi – I am Jane and I am a Realignment and  Wholistic Leadership Coach / Mentor and have a PCC with the ICF, completed the ICF PCC Marker Training and am an ICF Mentor for Coaches.

I am a sensitive human, who is a CS on Extended DISC and love systems and processes. I have helped many people create better systems and processes in their business and life and I look forward to responding to any questions.

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