Online Course Creation

Looking for a Specialist to Help You Bring Your Online Course to Life?

Is it time to bring your skills to life and build an online course? Are you looking for someone to support you to –

  • Build the structure of your online course (i.e. the systems and processes),
  • Bring your expertise to life with engaging learning materials, or
  • Tweak your current learning content to make it more engaging?

If so, you are in the right place…

Tailored Specifically to Your Needs...

Our online course creation services specifically focus and align to your learning and curriculum needs. As someone who has been in the education space since 2002, working across the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary systems in a variety of positions (teacher, trainer/facilitator and curriculum developer), this space is close to my heart. Some areas I can support you in include –

  • Helping you to systemise and increase productivity in your education-based e-learning business,
  • Supporting you in developing your course (i.e. course structure, modules and fundamental outcomes),
  • Creating a clear curriculum plan for your learning management system, and
  • Guiding you on the behind the scenes ‘technical stuff’ that is required in an online course.

How it Works...

1. Get in Touch

First step is a free introductory clarity call.

During this call we will talk about your intentions for your course and how I could help you to bring your online course to life. Together we will decide if I am the person to support you.

2. Initial Discussion

In this first discussion, we will start
to get to know you.

We will explore where you are now and where you would like to be. We will then discuss your intentions and priorities and decide if you are ready to commit and bring your course to life.

3. Ongoing Support

Bringing your course to life takes courage and commitment.

Throughout the adventure, I will be there for ongoing support and accountability as you start to bring your ideas to life and share your wisdom with the world.

Online Course Creation Sessions...

We have the following course creation sessions.

60 Minute General Consultation

Not sure where to start and want to start to get your ideas on to paper? Or feel stuck and not sure what to do next or don’t have time?

In this session you can ask general questions, advice and guidance can also be provided in this call.

Create Course Outline, Structure and Content Map

In this 90-Minute Session on Zoom, you will work WITH Jane to create your course outline, structure and content map. You will be given a Template to map out your course, which will include course title, learning outcomes, modules, lesson titles and ways to deliver your content to engage with your clients.

Initial Set-Up of Your Online Academy or Online School

In this 2 hour Session on Zoom, you will work WITH Jane to create your Online School or Membership Subscription. At the end of this session, you will have your own learning management system to host and sell your e-learning courses, digital products, coaching programs and membership subscription.

Initial Set-Up of Your Email Sequence

This 90-Minute session is on zoom and Jane will work WITH you to create your course e-mail sequence. This session is best done at the end of the course creation process, as the e-mails will link back to the course you have written.

Initial Set-Up of Scheduling Process/System

This 60-Minute session is on zoom and Jane will work WITH you to create your own scheduling process / system. This session will help you focus on what matters and support your clients to book appointments with you when you have availability.


As we continue on this adventure, we will add testimonials as they come to hand.

Janes’ ability to simplify processes is astounding. I needed help to set up the back end of my online course platform and she made each stage feel very easy and simple. Jane is a wonderful communicator and her knowledge of creating processes with ease, made my experience enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Jane to support your journey too.

Monica Pema

Creator - The Conscious Practitioner