Complete On-Boarding System for Coaches

JT - Complete On-Boarding System for Coaches

Looking for a Complete System for On-Boarding Clients?

This system package is divided in to 4 parts –

  1. Initial Discussion for Perspective Clients (CANVA Template),
  2. Co-Creating the Coaching Agreement with Clients (CANVA Template), and
  3. Welcome Package for Clients (CANVA Template).
  4. Coaching Client Tracking Sheet (Notion Template).

Each of the above can be purchased individually (and totals $43.95USD) or you can purchase the package for $34.75USD.

If you want to see what is individually in each part, please click on the hyperlinks as it takes you to the description.

In order to use this document, you will need a free Canva account and there is also a bonus Notion Template (which require a Notion account).

COST:  $34.75USD