Creating Super Simple Systems for Life

  • Remember special dates and occasions?
  • Have a calendar with clear priorities?
  • Prioritise your self-care and other important tasks?
  • Create a financial calendar and pay expenses on time?

Well, I’ve got some good news to share…


A short and sweet course to help you have greater ease and flow in life and save yourself time, energy, money and stress.

  • Create time to choose to focus on what matters most,
  • Align your choices with your priorities,
  • Increase focus and clarity on what matters most, and
  • Reduced stress and overwhelm.

And the best part?

You can get it for just $17USD (Approx $25AUD).

  • Create systems and processes from the start,
  • Create a simple process for managing your e-mails,
  • Create your own important dates and financial calendar,
  • Create your own meal planning process,
  • Create your own morning and evening routine, and a
  • Discover a simple way to map our your tasks for a year (yes it truly is simple 🙂 )

Here is a simple outline of what is included in Creating Super Simple Systems and Processes for Life…

Module 1 goes through an Introduction to Systems and Process – why create them in your life, what they are and creating your vision for systems in your life.

In Module 2, you are given the opportunity to start to develop systems in your life. You could create systems for your finances, managing your self or whatever you choose.

Module 3 consists of examples of simple systems and processes, including creating a morning self-care routine to an evening routine and a simple process for managing e-mail.

When you purchase the training, you receive access to the (un)learning hub for 180 days.

I love systems and processes, because of how they can free up your mind, time and space as well as decrease stress in your personal and professional life. 

Systems and processes seem to have been part of my life since I was a young person travelling the world playing tennis (yep that is me in the top photo).

I haven’t thought much about them to be honest, as it just comes naturally to me, however recently I have had a number of people asking me to help them create systems and processes in their own life. 

When I am not helping clients, you can find me eating vegetarian food, walking on the beach, talking to friends and family and moving my body. 

Q – How long will this take?

A – Going through Creating Super Simple Systems training itself will takes about 60 minutes. I kept it short and sweet so it can help create greater ease and flow in life and save yourself time, energy, money and stress. Remember though, it does take time for you to choose what you want to action and implement in to your own life to create the outcomes you are after. That is also why each section is divided in to shorter experiments.

Q – Jane, why is this so cheap?

A – Because I have been asked to do share some of my systems and processes with people for many years and sometimes price has been a barrier for people. By offering Creating Super Simple Systems for $17USD, it opens it up for greater inclusion and accessibility as money should never be a barrier to quality education.

Q. I have another question that you haven’t answered yet.

A. Send me an e-mail here, asking your question.