Coaching and Mentoring

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are ~ C.G. Jung"

My coaching practice supports you to stop abandoning yourself and start listening and working with yourself as you realign with your courage and back to your truth. You can read more about my approach here.

As a Realignment and Wholistic Leadership Coach and Mentor, I focus on the client’s needs and requirements and offer certified coaching and mentoring services in ICF Mentor Coaching as well as Personal and Professional Coaching.

Clients can work with me on their personal or professional life to:


After working with me on their personal or professional life they have –

Here's How Coaching and Mentoring Works...

Step 1: Get in Touch

Get in Touch - Jane Taylor

First step is a free introductory call. During this call we will talk about your challenges, your wholistic leadership intentions and how I can help you make long-term behavioural changes. Together we will decide if I am the coach for you.

Step 2: Initial Session

Initial Session - Jane Taylor

In our first session, I will do a full assessment to get to know you. We will explore your life, where you are now and where you would like to be. We will then discuss your intentions and priorities and develop a plan to support you reach them.

Step 3: Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support - Jane Taylor

Changing habits and behaviours takes courage and commitment. Throughout the adventure, I will be there for ongoing support and accountability as you make changes towards your life to living whole-heartedly.


I would highly recommend Jane Taylor from Habits for Wellbeing for professional guidance with any area of your life. I had a coaching session with Jane and through Jane’s professionalism, genuine compassion, beautiful presence and tone of voice and natural empathy I felt I could express myself clearly and with this clarity made me realise some of the unhealthy habits I had conditioned myself to accept were ok to live by on a daily basis. Since the session Jane has made a special and touching effort to follow up on my progress and this has further encouraged me to practice on a daily basis the techiques I developed during the session in order to love myself unconditionally and live each day with healthy and positive habits. I will be forever grateful for your professional guidance Jane and when in need I will be sure to book another session with you.

Emma Weldon

Life Coach and Mentor for Young People

I would highly recommend Jane’s ICF Mentoring package to any person intending to obtain an ICF accreditation. Jane mentors her mentees by following the ICF code of ethics and showing the ICF competencies herself, so she really leads by example. And any person who is in their entrepreneurship journey (be it a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur), or willing to know themselves better would benefit from Jane’s Mentoring or coaching programs, since she is a successful entrepreneur and ICF accredited coach herself and can offer valuable support and insights. And also, she never forgets to remind us to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, prioritising our well-being while on our journey to achieving our goals,  which to me, is a great differential of Jane.


Coach and Business Owner