Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The scientific definition of emotional intelligence comes from Drs. John Mayer, Peter Salovey, and David Caruso: 

“Emotional intelligence refers to an ability to recognize the meanings of emotion and their relationships, and to reason and problem-solve on the basis of them. Emotional intelligence is involved in the capacity to perceive emotions, assimilate emotion-related feelings, understand the information of those emotions, and manage them.” 

We use the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments (SEI). Whilst there are several well-validated measures of emotional intelligence, that aim to “diagnose” levels of ability or competence, SEI is unusual in its focus on putting emotional intelligence into action.

The SEI was first published in May 2005 and is now in its third edition of continuous research and improvement. As of publication, over 100,000 individuals have used the SEI in 11 languages and over 127 countries. Clients using the tool include FedEx, HSBC, BMW, Intel, Komatsu, and Qatar Airways.

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