Maitland Hall of Fame Induction

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On Tuesday May 28, 2024 I was inducted in to the Maitland Hall of Fame. I was awarded this award in 2021, however due to what the world was experiencing at the time, the presentation needed to wait.

I was honoured to go back to where I grew up to receive the award. It felt like my two worlds that I have lived (one pre-tennis and one post-tennis) aligned. I am now proud of what I achieved whilst I was a professional tennis player, which this paved the way for what I am giving back in my life post-tennis.

Whilst I was down in Maitland, I was lucky enough to see some family members as well as a few friends whom I grew up with and worked with. We were also lucky enough to have a hit of tennis at Hunter Oasis (which has evolved from where our family lived). I also shared some pictures of the day (thanks Anthony for taking them) on my instagram here.

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Thank You…

Thank you again for all of the support that I have received after this award was announced. They have really touched my heart and I have been humbled by each and every message I have received.

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