Building Dreams – 100 Things To Do in 2015

JT - Building Dreams - 100 Things to do In 2015

As I have been transitioning in to the New Year and getting clarity around 2015, I remembered one thing I used to do when I was younger. That was create a 100 things to do list for the year. Some people choose to do this for their life, however as I am learning to enjoy life more and more, I decided to continue with what I used to do and that was create a 100 Things To Do in 2015 list.

Why Create a 100 Things To Do List?

It is a way of giving yourself permission to dream again and discovering what you want, what makes your heart sing! When I was doing my list, I felt the joy inside and a little bit like a kid again – it was fun.

What can you have on your 100 Things To Do list?

Basically the list is totally up to you! The list can be a way you keep track of your dreams for the year or you can identify fun, silly, challenging or creative things to do or both. It is up to you!

Here are a few questions to get the creative juices flowing –

  • What is your personal, professional or financial goal for this year?
  • Would you like to go on a holiday? If so, where?
  • What do you secretly want but think others may laugh at you for?
  • Who are some significant people you would like to meet?
  • Who are some people you would like to learn from?
  • Maybe learn to swim or do a triathlon?
  • What did you dream about doing whilst you were at school?
  • Would you like to learn something new this year? If so, what?
  • If you were given six months to live, what would you do?
  • What are your deepest values? How do will they play our in your life?

Need some more inspiration? Maybe have a look at –

What’s on My 100 Things To Do in 2015 List?

Glad you asked – have a look below!

  1. Be honest with myself – ONGOING
  2. Create my vision for the year – DONE
  3. Update my values – DONE
  4. Go to a tap dancing lesson and more if I enjoy it – DONE and signed up for a term!
  5. Do at least 30 Hot Yoga classes – DONE
  6. Make ecological mistakes and let go of perfectionism – ONGOING PRACTICE!!!!
  7. Listen to music I love – DOING
  8. Enjoy movement – ONGOING – LOVED tap dancing!
  9. Remember it is often my perceptions of reality that creates fear – DOING
  10. Monitor my feelings so I can feel good – ONGOING AS I FORGET….
  11. Learn to cook – ONGOING
  12. Create white space and rest – ONGOING
  13. Help and celebrate other people – ONGOING
  14. Write notes my gratitude jar – DONE
  15. Take time out to reflect – ONGOING
  16. Celebrate birthdays of family, friends and clients – ONGOING
  17. Practice self-compassion – DOING
  18. Read 12 books – DONE – maybe I need to add a few more!
  19. Ride my bike – DONE
  20. See the sunrise (that will be fun as I am a night owl!) – DONE 25/4/15
  21. Sleep under the stars – DIDN’T DO
  22. Travel overseas – DIDN’T DO
  23. Declutter and simplify – ONGOING
  24. Live in service and help other people – ONGOING
  25. Keep nurturing my body through rest, exercise, sleep and nutrition – ONGOING
  26. Stay aligned and taking action towards my vision and goals – ONGOING
  27. Go to a concert – DIDN’T DO
  28. Continue going to movie club – DONE
  29. Continue attending book club – DONE
  30. Meet new people – ONGOING
  31. Be a good family member and friend (I know what that means to me) – DOING
  32. Be happy in my own world – ONGOING
  33. Live whole-heartedly – ONGOING
  34. Continue to practice mindfulness – ONGOING
  35. Continue to practice courage – ONGOING
  36. Add value to personal interactions and relationships – ONGOING
  37. Write a book – DIDN’T DO
  38. Have fun and enjoy life – ONGOING
  39. Try new things – DONE (did tap dancing!)
  40. Let go of needing approval and approval addiction – ONGOING
  41. Learn to value myself – ONGOING
  42. Put savings on my mortgage – ONGOING
  43. Create a mastermind group for supporting other women in business – DOING
  44. Send at least 200 personalised cards in the post – DONE
  45. Keep learning from wise, spiritual teachers – ONGOING
  46. Continue to learn to trust myself and my own intuition – ONGOING
  47. Do monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly financial review – ONGOING
  48. Reflect daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly (on goals and vision) – ONGOING
  49. Donate to Tweed Valley Women’s Service – DONE
  50. Save $XX per week and put in to savings account – DONE
  51. Pay it forward with random acts of kindness – ONGOING
  52. Walk on the beach at dusk – DONE
  53. Walk on the beach as the sun rises – DONE 25/4/15
  54. Write for and add value to 4 other websites/blogs – DIDN’T DO
  55. Speak in front of 300 people – COMPLETED
  56. Run 6 workshops – DIDN’T DO
  57. Remember to choose love when my deepest fear arises – ONGOING
  58. Facilitate a retreat in Hawaii – DIDN’T DO
  59. Continue to create and grow into Habits for Wellbeing – DOING
  60. Try a new food – DONE made cacao energy balls – thanks Paul for the recipe!
  61. Make risotto for the first time – DONE
  62. Have a sleep over with girl friends – DONE
  63. Private – DONE
  64. Private – DONE
  65. Private – DONE
  66. Private – DONE
  67. Walk up Mt Warning – DONE
  68. Continue to say no when I mean it – ONGOING
  69. Give unconditionally (i.e. without attachment or expecting anything in return) – ONGOING
  70. Continue to forgive, let go and align with my purpose – ONGOING
  71. Remember the price of invulnerability – ONGOING
  72. Allow myself to not know – ONGOING
  73. Continue to get to know myself and be my own best friend – ONGOING
  74. Continue to be a student of mindfulness – ONGOING
  75. Focus on what I can control – ONGOING
  76. Let go of comparison – ONGOING
  77. Continue to notice the beauty in life – ONGOING
  78. Remember joy can be terrifying – ONGOING
  79. Make as many moments matter as I can – ONGOING
  80. Be kind – ONGOING
  81. Remember “this too shall pass” if I am being challenged – ONGOING
  82. Be responsible for my world – ONGOING
  83. Ask for help when I need it – ONGOING
  84. Be personally accountable to myself – ONGOING
  85. Visualise my dream life and then take action to make it happen – ONGOING
  86. Listen to feedback as I don’t know what I don’t know – ONGOING
  87. Continue to practice letting go of control – ONGOING
  88. Focus on my priorities – ONGOING
  89. Remember patience – ONGOING
  90. Focus on abundance – ONGOING
  91. Allow my introversion to be present – ONGOING
  92. Practice self-care – DOING
  93. Continue to write in my journal and share inspirational ideas and insights – DOING
  94. Remember there is another way to live without suffering – ONOING
  95. If in doubt just take one step – just like the daffodil principle – ONGOING
  96. Be aware of my time and value it – ONGOING
  97. Honour and then let go of excuses – ONGOING
  98. Continue to live within and outside my comfort zone – ONGOING
  99. Remember change is impermanent – ONGOING
  100. Most importantly just BE ME! – ONGOING

Over to You…

So there you have it, 100 Things To Do in 2015! Are you ready to do your 100 Things To Do list? If so, feel free to share your ideas below!

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N.B. At the start of 2016, I went back and made myself accountable with the above 100 Things. I noticed some of the 100 things are ongoing, so I wrote DOING, I wrote DONE if I had completed them and DIDN’T DO if I hadn’t completed them.

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