The My Self-Care Journal is Now Published…

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Yay – the My Self-Care Journal is Published…

This journal is dedicated to Jo Mason. I was lucky enough to work with Jo in a National Mental Health and Wellbeing project many years ago.

I valued many things about Jo and yes she was the person who introduced me to the concept of self-care, when I most needed to hear it. She was a true pioneer in the space of educator and school mental health and wellbeing in Australia and I am forever grateful to her and what I learnt from her. I hold many of our conversations close to my heart, in particular one of them at the Japanese Gardens in Darling Harbour, just before we heard the Dalai Lama speak. These are some other words I wrote about Jo as a keepsake created by Tracy for her family.

Thanks also mum for investing your time to support me and picking up any grammar issues – you are a gem and this journal reads clearer because of you.

Thank you to the clients whom have walked this adventure with me over the years and also made comments on the e-version for the past two years or so.

And finally thanks Jill and Tracy who helped me connect with one of Jo’s daughter – really appreciate it.

Thank You…

So thank you if you have read this far and for those people who have asked, this is the link to find out more where you can purchase it or find out more here.


Also – thank you so much to the clients, friends and perspective clients who gave feedback on the original Slow Down and Tune in Journal. After your feedback, that journal has now evolved in to the My Self-Care Journal and is now gender neutral – so yes young men and womxn can purchase the journal. So thank you all!

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