Time to Take Action on those Niggles?

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A few years ago I started to notice the number of incomplete tasks I had as well as things that were broken or needed repairing. I ended up creating a niggle list.

Subsequently, today I wanted to share with you some ideas if it is time to take action on those niggles in your life (if you have any). In this post, I am going to share with you –

  • What is a Niggle List?
  • Why Have a Niggle List? and
  • How to Create a Niggle List.

Let’s Get Started….

What is a Niggle List?

My simple definition of a “niggle list” is something that is niggling me. The longer definition of the niggle list is something that –

  • is incomplete,
  • could be bugging or worrying me,
  • needs fixing or mending (i.e. a broken handle on the door),
  • no longer works and needs to be disposed of (e.g. a microwave that broke 12 months ago – yes I really did have that in my home), or
  • would take little time to complete (i.e. under an hour).

The niggles can be any areas of your life. For example – your living space or living environment (i.e. your car, home or study) or your career/ business (e.g. an incomplete report or task at work).

Why Have a Niggle List?

The reason why I created a niggle list, was mainly because I noticed that all of those “niggles” were draining my energy and in small ways stressing me (well my thinking about them was). Yes – every time I thought about those things, took energy away from something that I could have been doing. By continuing completing and taking action towards my niggles, I now have greater time, clarity and energy and am continually moving towards creating my whole-hearted life.

How to Create a Niggle List…

It is pretty simple to create a niggle list. If you would like to create one, you could follow the following steps –

Step 1 –

Write down all of the things in your career, living environment, physical space or other area of your life that is “niggling you”.

Step 2 –

After you have identified all of your niggles, prioritise them. If you wanted, you could use A, B and C, where –

  • A = high priority to complete and/or fix,
  • B = medium priority to complete and/or fix, and
  • C = lowest priority to complete and/or fix.

Step 3 –

Schedule time to complete your niggle list. In your diary or journal, complete time in your week to complete the tasks on your niggle list.

Step 4 –

Start taking action and complete the tasks on your niggle list. You might like to schedule to complete each day or do a power hour on a number of niggles – it is totally up to you. However, I hope you can have fun as you start completing those things on your niggles list!

Over to You…

I hope this post has helped you to discover what a niggle list is, why they are important and how to start to take action on those niggles. Any questions or comments, please write them below.

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