Ready to Make Some Tiny Tweaks?

JT - If you desired to change the world, where would you start With yourself or others

At this time of the year many people are making changes in their personal and professional lives. As the quote says –

“If you desired to change the world, where would you start? With yourself or others?” 

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

So where would you start? For me personally, I choose myself and what I have control over. Over time I have come to call this changes tiny tweaks.

What Are Tiny Tweaks?

Tiny tweaks are shifts, changes or transitions in our behaviour, thoughts or feelings / emotions that help us live a conscious life. Some examples of tiny tweaks that can be made include towards paying attention to life and living life whole-heartedly could be –

  • saying “yes” instead of saying “no” or saying “no” instead of saying “yes”,
  • forgiving someone who has hurt you and remembering the lesson,
  • being responsible and accountable for the choices you make,
  • creating personal boundaries for yourself,
  • focusing on your own dreams and following your heart,
  • starting to listen to your body more,
  • learning to label your emotions and utilising that information consciously,
  • starting to take care fo your daily needs (i.e. drinking an adequate amount of water),
  • speaking up for yourself or a cause you believe in,
  • walking away from gossip or negativity, or
  • following your heart.

Where Can You Make Tiny Tweaks?

Simply anywhere in your life that you want to grow and change. Before deciding on where to make any tiny tweaks, you may like to look wholistically at your life first. Then you can decide which area of your life needs the most attention. Some areas could include –

1. Personal Growth –

What you creating in your life? How are you growing and developing? What improvements or changes do you want to make in your whole life? Do you have a growth and development plan?

2. Self-Management –

How do you regulate your own thoughts, emotions and behaviours in different situations?

3. Career / Business –

Is your business / career encompassing by embracing what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what people will pay you for.

4. Money and Finances –

Do you know where you are on the continuum between enoughness and scarcity? Are you clear on how much it costs to be you and where your money is coming from and going to? Is your spending in alignment with your values/

5. Giving / Contribution and Community –

How you are really giving and contributing to your community? Is it time making any adjustments that you desire?

6. Intimate Relationship –

What do you say to yourself when you make a mistake? Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your friends? Or do you find you are a little critical towards yourself?

7. Health, Body and Movement –

Are you being grateful and respectful towards your body. Every day your body completes so many functions for you, however how much do you truly connect with it and appreciate it? How much do you respect your body?

8. Living Space / Physical Environment –

Do you have a clear and de-cluttered environment? How long does it take to find things? What does a clear and de-cluttered space mean to you?

9. Confidence / Emotional Awareness –

Is it time to shift from self-doubt to genuine self-confidence and become more aware of your emotional needs? How confident and emotionally awareness are you with the steps you are taking in your life?

10. Family / Friends –

Are your relationships based on trust, respect, love and kindness?

11. Leisure / Fun –

How much fun are you having in your life? When was the last time you had time out and truly felt rested?

12. Travel / Holidays –

When was the last time you had a holiday? Is it time to start saving, so you can take take that holiday?

Over to You…

I hope that has given you some insight in to Tiny Tweaks. What tiny tweaks are you making in your life at the moment? Feel free to share any insights below.

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