5 Tips for Developing an On-Boarding System for New Coaching Clients

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Over the past few months, I have had a number of conversations with coaches after releasing the Complete On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Toolkit for Coaches. The importance of on-boarding was something I discovered throughout my years of coaching. Subsequently, today I wanted to share what on-boarding is and 5 tips for on-boarding new coaching clients.

What is On-Boarding?

Basically on-boarding is starting to build the relationship with the client. It is supporting a potential client as they decide whether to have you as a coach or not. And then transitioning the client from a paid customer to an engaged and successful customer / client.

It is continuing to nurture and build the relationship with your new client and helping them to understand how your coaching business works. 

5 Tips for Developing an On-Boarding System for New Coaching Clients

Following are 5 tips for coaches who are wanted to develop an on-boarding system for new coaching clients – 

1. Automate –

Once you decide on your on-boarding process, automating it is key. By automating the process, you save, time, energy, stress and money, which is what system stands for (Saving You Stress, Time, Energy and Money). 

2. Utilise Technology

There are so many options nowadays from scheduling apps to sending newsletters to clients. Once you decide on your process, you can identify if there are any technology that meets your needs and in your price range to use. 

3. Make It Personalised –

When you personalise your process, it truly shows that you value your client and builds the relationship. 

4. Track Potential Client and Client Progress

Know where your clients are in the process. For example – in my business, I meet with potential clients in an introductory discussion. This introductory session helps me to see if I am a good fit for them as a coach as well as if potential clients are already in coaching with me and is the first part of my system. Knowing where clients are throughout the on-boarding process is really important as again it caters to the clients needs. 

5. Review the On-Boarding Process

After you have had a few clients go through your on-boarding process, you may like to ask for feedback to see if there are any ways it can be improved. This also models to the client that you are wanting to do things better and value their opinions. 

Over to You…

I hope this has given you five useful tips to develop an on-boarding system for new coaching clients. Feel free to share any questions or comments below.

If you needed any extra help, you could have a look at my free Coach’s Checklist here or the the Complete On-Boarding and Off-Boarding System for Coaching Clients.

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