Embodying You (Un)Learning Circle

Embodying You is a 10-week online (un)learning course for people who are ready to invest time, apply their knowledge and take action towards creating sustainable self-care habits towards their body and food so they can tune in to their own body’s wisdom and start to love and accept the skin their in.

✨ You are ready to start the adventure of eating what feels good for your body, not someone else’s perception.

✨ You want to start to ditch the diet mentality, and discover greater peace with food and your body. 

✨ You’re ready to focus on trusting yourself, and transform your confidence and self-doubt.

✨ You are ready to be kinder to your self and increase self-compassion and untangle from the food police and self-judgement.

✨ You feel ready to be in a community that is (un)learning together and genuinely celebrates with you.

Reconnect with you and your own truth. Reflect on what is your own truth about Embodying You and what truly matters to you and develop greater clarity on what embodying you means for you.

Realign your thoughts, feelings and actions. Pay greater attention to your actions to support you to live in alignment with your own heart and body.

Refocus your efforts and start to reclaim the joy within by starting remember who you and committing to your own life and expressing your own truth of who you are.

What Is Included?

Over the 10 weeks of Embodying You, you will have access to –

Each week over the 10 weeks, you will be invited to the weekly (un)learning circle. If you cannot make a session, don’t worry you can access the recording.

All of the 12 modules (10 sessions) and experiments and recordings will be easily accessible within the (un)learning hub.

Throughout Embodying You, you have access to 1 x 60-Minute Coaching Session with Jane. Normally this session is priced @ $197AUD.

1. The Slow Down and Tune In Journaling Toolkit

(Usually sold separately for $47USD)

Starting to get to know who you truly and listening to yourself can be a challenging, so you can start small with The Slow Down and Tune In Journaling Toolkit.

The toolkit has been designed to increase your connection with your own inner wisdom, whilst focusing on your own essential needs, priorities and vision for life and developing greater self-connection and self-trust through journaling.

2. A 5-Session Pre-Recorded Cultivating Self-Compassion Adventure

The 5-Session Adventure is sold individually at $10USD.

Is it time to cultivate self-compassion in your life?

A 5-day pre-recorded adventure to support you to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of self-compassion, so you can decide whether to cultivate it within your own life. 

3. 38 Befriending You Affirmations

Currently the affirmations are not available separately.

Want to develop greater trust in your wholistic life? Time to show up and value who you are?

Remember, there is no one way to do life, however sometimes we just need some extra belief to care and accept who we are, so you can take trust ourselves to show up with your gifts.

Opens for Registration 7/5/24 and first online (un)learning circle is May 18, 2024 @ 8.45am QLD Time (Australia).

This is the first time running Embodying You, so testimonials will be added afterwards. You can read more about the kind things people have said on our Testimonials page here.

“I really enjoyed the 28 day challenge and established a good evening routine of writing a gratitude journal and meditation supported by some beautiful frankincense incense which I found so calming and connects me to my spirituality.”
Nurse and Coach

“I really enjoyed the journey with you and loved the zoom calls and resource materials. One of the best things about the course is the fact that I can re-visit the pdf information.
I feel ready to tackle 2024!”

“The Life-Work Harmony Haven (now Lead from Within) online group sessions were informative and thought provoking, each session supported with additional resources and material that enabled ongoing personal growth. I went on a journey from disconnect from my values but a strong connection to overwhelm to a reconnection to my values and identification of what I needed to put in place to enable living my life with purpose.”

“Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane.”
Q – What currency is the “Embodying You” (Un)Learning Circle offered in?

A – The Embodying You (Un)Learning Circle is priced at $AUD. You can click here to convert in to your own currency.

Q – How old must you be to purchase “Embodying You” (Un)Learning Circle

A – You must be 18 years of age to register. 

Q – How much support is included?

A – We have a private group chat and you can also ask questions within the (un)learning hub.

Q – What is the Research behind Intuitive Eating?

A – There are a number of studies and research on intuitive eating. These have found that intuitive eating in linked to –
– lower body mass index (BMI),
– increase in body acceptance,
– lower rates of disordered eating,
– lower rates of emotional eating,
– increase in intrinsic motivation to engage in physical activity,
– lower serum triglyceride levels,
– reduce risk for overall risk for heart disease,
– coping better with feelings around food, and
– increase self-compassion and psychological wellbeing.

Q – How much does the “Embodying You” (Un)Learning Circle cost? 

A – The “Embodying You” (Un)Learning Circle costs $497AUD for 10 weeks (which includes are coaching session). If you do not live in Australia, you can click here to convert in to your own currency.

Q – How long does “Embodying You” go for? 

A – “Embodying You” goes for 10 sessions over 3 months. 

Q – What date and time does the first session start?

A – The first session starts on May 18, 2024 @ 8.45am.

Q – What are the themes of the (un)learning circles?

A – The themes of the (un)learning circles include: 1. Rejecting Your Hunger, 2. Honouring Your Hunger, 3. Making Peace with Food, 4. Challenging the Food Police, 5. Discovering the Satisfaction Factor, 6. Feeling Your Fullness, 7. Coping with Your Emotions with Kindness, 8. Respecting Your Body, 9. Movement – Feel the Difference and 10. Honouring Your Health with Gentle Nutrition.

Q – Is there a payment plan?

A – Yes there is a payment plan. Please contact us here to ask for the link and whether you would prefer to pay weekly or monthly.

Q – More questions? 

A – Please contact us here

This adventure of coming back in to my body has been a BIG adventure for me and it continues to be to this day. Maybe you would think a professional athlete would know a lot of about the body and yes, you would be correct. However, only about certain aspects.

One of the things I was not very good at was listening to my body. It wasn’t talked about much whilst I was growing up (especially the emotional side) and it only appeared to be discussed up when I was injured.

Once I retired I took these patterns in to my life after tennis, which wasn’t great as I experienced burnout, trying to be the best person. I was very good at abandoning myself and trying to push through to make things happen, however those strategies were not working anymore, so I knew it was time to transform the cycle.

Today, I feel as though I am back in my body after many, many years living a short distance from it. Of course I still continue to do the work as I am happy now to be imperfectly me.

When I am not helping clients, you can find me eating vegetarian food, walking on the beach, talking to friends and family and moving my body.